“Despite taking traditional piano lessons for 10 years, I still lacked a creative aspect in my performing. Sure, I could play almost any sheet music placed in front of me, but if someone asked me to improvise on a chord in a certain key signature I was completely clueless. I didn't know how to add my own flare to a piece - even though I desperately wanted to do so. I then found Treyan Porter online and read about his teaching method. I was so excited to find someone that taught this way because it was exactly what I was looking for. I contacted Treyan and was delighted when he offered to do a free introductory lesson with me to verify that he was a good fit for me. I have now been his student for over 2 months and have already learned a great deal about improvisation, arranging, and music theory. Even though I have been playing the piano for almost 20 years, I still benefit from Treyan's teaching because it is unlike anything I have ever done before. Treyan has made playing the piano fun for me again and I can't thank him enough for that.” –James S.

"Treyan is a great teacher and mentor. I've advanced exponentially in the areas I was lacking as a self-taught piano player. Definitely worth the money considering the progress I've made." –Matt J.

"Treyan is a fantastic teacher. He goes above and beyond for his students. I started taking lessons again after a many years long hiatus. I came in as an intermediate-level piano player. and Treyan has helped me step up my game with theory, improvisation and composing. Treyan has a unique approach that was exactly what I was looking for. I had had enough of classical training and wanted to understand more about putting theory into practice. And that is Treyan’s speciality. Anyone around me has noticed the improvement as a result of Treyan’s teaching. He has helped piano playing become fun again!" –Amber C.

"Treyan is an excellent for improv, understanding theory and song writing, as well as learning any style of music that appeals to you. He is suppprtive, positive and encouraging. He has gone the extra mile in helping me learn and grow as a musician." –Julie B.

"I have had an amazing experience taking lessons from Treyan. I am an adult student, who knew next to nothing about piano when I started. Treyan did, and continues to do, an amazing job at listening to what my interests are, and then completely tailoring his lessons to my interests and goals. I was interested in Treyan as a teacher after chatting with him because of the creative, flexible, and improvistational way he teaches his students to play. He has a strong core system to ensure you learn the important theory, chords, and scales, while also combining an intuitive rhythm method for learning songs. I have been taking lessons for six months, and am astounded by not only how quickly I am learning, but how much I am enjoying the process. Best of all, Treyan is extremely responsive and diligent in his prep before and after lessons. I've had him send me instructional videos on the weekends, print and notate music for me, and listen/find songs that he thinks I would be interested in. If you can't tell already from my review, I would highly recommend Treyan for any age student who is interested in learning and growing as a piano player." –Ron N.