Treyan Porter

All the kings and the noblemen, built you a paper crown
All the jeers and the laughter tore as, the jesters danced around
And all the kings and the fair ladies made you fear
And watched you disappear
As I turned to shed my tear

     And did you live in the shadows
     And do you lie in the darkness
     I saw you go

Do you have any dreams left over after, they took the light from day
Do you have the wounds to prove, you had to hide away
And I’ve been wishing lately that I held the storm at bay
That I had my armor on that day
And I could keep the ghosts away

     But now I live in the shadows
     And here I lie in the darkness
     See how I go

          Don’t you know that beautiful pride
          Is sometimes just a dirty lie
          And all the kings with their devious wars
          Are shut behind their rotted golden doors
          So here I lay with a sword at my side
          And all the innocence has died
          But I’ll put on this armor one more time

Last night I had a dream, I saw you smile at me
You were walking that golden highway, away from their pity
And all the kings and the fair ladies close their eyes
And breathe their last goodbyes
As they fall down tonight

     And now they live in the shadows
     See how they died deep inside
     And now I see
     That you are free
     And I can be
     Oh, Amy