Hello everyone.
I am happy to provide my single, In the Shadows (for Amy), for free here on my website.
You can download the song by clicking on the "Free" button to the right of the song listed below.

This song is a very personal song, but also about a very universal subject: the issue of bullying in our schools and in society. To learn more about the story behind the song, click HERE.
Please consider taking a moment to look at some of the websites listed at the bottom of this page.
These are just a few of the many wonderful resources available to raise awareness on the issue of bullying and it's often devastating effects, and ideas on how to confront it.
The following sites are just some of the many that address the issue of bullying. Please take a moment now or later to check some of them out. "They" say it is always a bad idea to divert people away from your own website, but in this case, I just don't care! This issue is more important than my own attempts at self-aggrandizement. But don't forget to download the free song above. And come back later to check out more music! Thank you.